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Notice of Termination of Liliili-sims' Patreon, CurseForge, and Wix Sites

Patreon,CurseForge,Wix サイト終了のお知らせ

I have decided to end my CC creator activities as Liliili-sims in January, so I will remove all "Patreon", "CurseForge" and "Wix sites".

How did I come to this conclusion? It all started when I stumbled upon a Tumblr article that named me by name. The article criticized the fact that my CC could only be downloaded from CurseForge. And the account user took the liberty of uploading my CC to the SFS folder and publishing the download link. I could not understand why such criticism had to be directed at me.

I did not know this when I read the Tumblr article, but later realized that the criticism was related to the topic of "the company that runs CurseForge donating to the IDF." Some of the Sims community on Tumblr are now "boycotting CurseForge". I quit Tumblr last year, so I didn't know about this boycott. The account user did not contact me to inquire about it and tell me about it, nor did he ask me about my situation, but only published an article criticizing my methods.

Just as you all have your circumstances, I have mine. I had always thought that I didn't need to tell them about my situation or have them understand me. But I will tell you the circumstances because I experienced several instances of users' lack of consideration for creators before I arrived at the decision to end the activity, and now I am sad, frustrated, and fed up with it.

I have congenital mental problems.  It is related to many things that are considered temperaments, and because it is not a disease, there is no way to cure or control it with medication. It is mistaken for depression, but is closer to the temperament of HSP. It is hypersensitive and easily senses people's emotions and thoughts. And it does so even if you don't meet the person, only their voice or their writing. There is also hypersensitivity to the five senses, of which auditory sensitivity is a strong one. But the most troubling thing is that it is also affected by trivial human emotions. People's malice is especially heavy in energy, and its effects can cause my mental and physical health to continue to suffer. When I talk about this kind of thing, people sometimes say, "You care too much," but it is as if the ability to receive is automatically triggered, and you have no control over it. I thought it was close to the ability that Alex, the main character in the game "Life is Strange: True Colors" has. (I can't see the colors). There are many people who consider this situation a "misunderstanding" or "not a big problem," but I believe that those who are equally sensitive will understand. But I bring this up not to play the victim or elicit sympathy, but simply because it is a fact.

However, six years ago, various problems affecting my temperament became so bad that I found it difficult to meet and engage with people, and even to get out of the house itself, and I could no longer work. It continues to this day. It was under these circumstances that I came across Sims 4 and started creating CC, and I became a little more involved with people, albeit on the Internet. My CC was free from the time I started creating CC until around May of last year. I never thought about making a profit. Because for me, creating CC and having everyone enjoy it was a form of communication, it was healing, and it somehow became my purpose. But in reality, things did not work out so easily. There were many people, both creators and users, who were not kind to others, who were indifferent, and who sought only their own interests. (I know that not all people are like that.) I won't go into the details of what I was noticing, feeling, and thinking on a daily basis, because putting it into words would probably take up dozens of pages. However, it has become difficult for me to continue using SNS and create CC. Still, realizing that I love making CC, I decided to look for ways to keep myself motivated and tried CurseForge and Patreon. This is because I thought that if I could get some real benefit, I would be able to escape from my desire to be accepted by others. And it succeeded, and it was no longer my goal to be recognized by others, but to "enjoy creating freely in my own way. I didn't start CurseForge or Patreon because I wanted a lot of revenue, but the revenue definitely supports my life and my mental health.

My first reaction when I read that article of criticism was that my feelings were not conveyed to anyone in any way. I also saw that there were hundreds of reactions to that article. It felt to me like a public execution. Had I known about the CurseForge boycott, I would have stopped using CurseForge. Because its content is something I should not be indifferent to. But no one told me about it. (I don't blame you for that.)

No one is interested in me. They only make demands of me unilaterally. If you want me to work for you, you should work for me too. They judge right and wrong only based on their own convenience. They want me to be the machine that continues to provide the perfect CC for free. They are quick to get angry when custom content is not available, and when creators expect a reaction, they criticize, "Don't ask for a reaction! and if they use CurseForge or Patreon, they are demonized as "obsessed with money. (Of course, I am not saying that all users do.) There are many creators who create CC for the purpose of revenue and followers, which in itself is not a bad thing. However, I am truly disgusted by the cunning and dishonesty of some of the creators, who are looking to make an easy buck. But not all creators are creatinbg CC for the same reasons and purposes. Before you criticize a creator by name, you should know the person.

I have a heart. Even if I don't want to, sometimes I get emotional, make mistakes, make wrong choices, and end up hurting or irritating someone. I don't think all my ideas are right, nor am I a good person. Still, I want to be a good person and I fight my emotions to achieve that. Because I thought that was the path to happiness. Whatever the situation, whether you choose to hurt people or be kind to them, the choice is yours. I have sometimes been accused of hypocrisy, and others have thought that my thinking is shallow because of my privileged background or my lack of life experience. How can they blame me when they don't know anything about my life? Why do you think everything you think and have done is right? Why is the other person who is not good for you considered evil? What is convenient for you does not mean that that choice of yours is the right one. You should look at the big picture. If you want peace, you must first change your mindset to understand the other side.

I have told you a long story, and I am not asking you all to understand or agree with this story, because if you don't like me, you will take anything I say badly. Also, there are some people who are even more reluctant when I express my true feelings, but I want you to know that I do what I do for a reason. I hate people who don't even think about being nice to others. Liliili-sims will cease to exist and we will no longer publish CCs made as Liliili-sims.

To all of you who treat me kindly and support me.
Thank you for everything. Thank you so much. You have warmed my heart. When I meet people like you, I feel the wonders of humanity. This may be an exaggeration, but it is what I believe because I have been involved with and felt for many different people. Each situation is different, but I believe that everyone has their own problems and lives in the midst of suffering and difficulty. However, it's hard to be kind to others without being carried away by that negative atmosphere. I want to be like that too. However, I'm sorry it turned out this way. I am tired of trying. I will continue to make CC. I will change my creator name and this time I will use TSR.  There you may find me. The proceeds from CC are helping me make a living and I want to keep going as far as I can.
I hope that you will live a healthy, peaceful, fulfilling and happy life, and that you will meet good people.


(I can't speak English, so I'm worried about whether I can express myself correctly in English. )

Liliili-simsとしてのクリエイター活動を1月で終了することにしましたので、「Patreon」「CurseForge」「Wix サイト」をすべて削除します。





「Life is Strange: True Colors」というゲームの主人公アレックスが持っている能力が近いと思いました。(私は色までは見えません)







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